Is hand stamping perfectly straight?
No, as all the stamping is done by hand there may be variations in spacing, alignment and depth so please don’t look on these as flaws. I am not a machine that etches perfectly – any variations or marks from manufacturing should be regarded as characteristics unique to your piece. We feel this makes each item more personal.

Custom and personalised orders.
The message and initials in the photos are just an example. Please leave what you require to be stamped in the personalisation box. Be sure to double check what you type as I cannot be held responsible for typo errors on the order - especially check your capitals / lowercase letters.

If the text you send us to stamp is unclear regarding brackets, commas, periods etc.. we will email you to clarify. If we cannot get a response prior to building / shipping your item, we will make a judgement call as we think it looks best.

Care instructions.
This is a fashion item and should be removed before sport, swimming, showering, applying cosmetics and bedtime.
Fasteners & connectors may differ slightly from the ones photographed in the listings due to availability.

Charms can cause slight surface scratching to hand stamped items. This is normal for hand stamped jewellery, however giving it a quick polish should remove these.

Some items may have slight indents on the back of the piece due to stamping on the front side. This is normal for hand stamping.

Metal will tarnish and will require polishing to keep it bright.

Please note that cuff bracelets should not be pulled apart and reshaped regularly as they are not designed to do this and may break.